you know in software engineering, there’s this concept
called separation of concerns, where you
break up a program into distinct smaller sections
like the fridge is responsible for keeping food cold
and the coffeemaker only makes coffee
you are responsible for you and I am responsible for me
they say it’s only healthy

previously we were part of a monolith,
tightly entangled beneath, designed in the 1990s,
your emotions had side effects on my internal state
and all my methods call yours through undocumented paths
but nobody cared, because we were a monolith

bound together and moved as one.
Every change risked productions issues,
they always ended up in fighting or tears or painful silence
maybe you like this ugly entangled mess, this lock step dancing
but this is the age of microservices,

and I would like some refactoring.
Refactoring to remove the you from the me, that part of you
that has grown too big to just be a couple of functions
scattered everywhere in your class definition.
you ask me, why do I want to move out so much?
I just want to decouple myself from you
to live, to breathe